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Style is something that each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. - Diane Von Furstenburg


There are five steps to your style journey and self transformation:


1. Complimentary Discovery Consultation

Your journey begins with a 30 min call/zoom to introduce ourselves. I can find out a bit more about you, your concerns, answer any questions, and talk about the best way I can help you, taking into consideration what we have worked out that you need, and making sure it is in line with your budget.

2. Your Style Building Blocks

Style building blocks make style so much easier. Each building block learnt will work as a new style foundation. These include understanding your style, what colours suits you, and how to dress your body shape, giving you the tools and confidence to curate your new wardrobe and better equipping you to shop for your wardrobe. Understanding these core basics will give you the confidence you need to make your own style choices going forward.

3. Looking at What you Currently Have

When you have mastered these basics and they become second nature to you, we can move onto looking at your current wardrobe: what you own now and where the gaps are. My wardrobe edits always start with what you love and wear often, I then move onto what you like, but don’t wear often as you’re never quite sure how to style it, and finally, I move onto items you never wear. All the items you look and feel amazing in and which suit your colouring and body shape, we will keep. I will also show you some new ways to style these, creating new outfits and a wardrobe you love.

4. Looking at What you Need

The final step in your style discovery journey is your personal shop. Everything will be pre-selected at a mutually agreed location that reflects your style needs and budget. We make sure all the items on your shopping list are ticked off and you know how to style them so that your wardrobe is complete.

5. Ongoing Style Advice

I am always on hand between appointments to give you style advice and tips. This might include sending me photos of items you have bought for my style advice or sending me photos of your wardrobe or just asking my opinion on an outfit you have put together.

I am still buzzing from a great shopping day with Marsha yesterday". I had my colours done awhile back and decided to book a shop for help with my Autumn capsule wardrobe and to end my clothes rut of several years! Marsha had pre-selected the clothes which were waiting for me in the fitting rooms. Boom. All the hard work done. Literally all I had to do was try them on. And the jeans! A new flattering style to suit my body shape. Thank you so much for your help Marsha

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