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I will help you find the colours which enhance your skin tone and make you look younger and naturally radiant.

Knowing your style building blocks make style so much easier and are the foundations for great style. Once you know and understand those building blocks, style becomes easy and effortless. Learning style tips and how to wear clothes in multiple ways will help in the short term to your problem of “having nothing to wear”, but in the long term, working on your style building blocks, makes great style become clear and easy. If you feel like you are in a complete rut and have lost your way with your style and would love to find that renewed enthusiasm for your wardrobe, discovering and knowing your style building blocks will help you to rebuild your relationship with yourself and your wardrobe.


11⁄2 hours £160

Do you want to find the colours that make you look your best and feel fabulous? Colour has the power to make you look radiant and as if you are wearing foundation. It is absorbed through your skin and your eyes, affecting your hormones and lifting your spirits.  It has the power to make you feel good. Wearing the right colours can be transformational. The moment you put a colour on your skin, up against your face, in the right tint or shade and which harmonises with your skin tone you can change the appearance of your complexion. Your face will literally come alive and take years off your age. I will discuss the psychology behind each colour and how you can use colour as a tool to change the way you look and feel about yourself, and the way others see you.

What’s included?


  • An explanation of the process of colour analysis and the draping system used and how it works

  • Personality quiz to see how you feel about colour

  • Colour drape analysis to see which shades complement your natural complexion more than others

  • An explanation of colour psychology, and how you can incorporate colour into your style

  • A personalised style report for you to keep which details everything that we have discussed in the session

  • Your personalised digital colour swatch booklet 

  • A personalised fabric swatch booklet is an additional £25

This session is held at my home studio in Epsom


2 hours £240

The session includes everything that is included in the colour session plus a personalised body shape report that includes advice on how to dress your shape as well as style tips. I will show you what shapes, cuts, fabrics and colours will suit you and explain why. If we have clear guidelines on how to dress our shape, it takes away the emotional stress of dressing ourselves and shopping for clothes.

This session is held at my home studio in Epsom


3 hours £300

This session includes everything that is included in the colour and body shape session plus a deep dive into what types of clothing matches your personality best or which style enhances your looks. If an item of clothing doesn’t match your style personality, it will end up becoming that item that you never wear because it doesn’t feel like you. Defining your style personality will not only ensure that you don’t waste money on items that are not right for you, but it also means that you start building a wardrobe full of pieces that you absolutely love and feel comfortable in. We will discuss the seven personality styles and work out where you currently are with your style and where you aspire to be. Combine this information with your colour palette and your body shape advice, and this will be your unique style plan for you to follow. A personalised style plan will be included with the session plus ongoing style assistance.


This session is held at my home studio in Epsom

I had a Colour Analysis with Marsha and she was fantastic. Her professionalism and knowledge on colour is superb. It’s a real eye opener when you find out what season you are and the palette of colours which suit you. I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to Style Signature.

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