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I will help you find the colours which enhance your skin tone and make you look younger and naturally radiant.

Have you always wanted to find out which colours suit you? 


The first step in finding your Style Signature and a wardrobe in your perfect colours starts with finding out which colours enhance your skin tone and make you look naturally radiant. You will be amazed at how many colours you can wear and look amazing in! The right colours will make you look younger (sometimes by 10 years!), brighter and a better version of you.  Once you have discovered your true colours, you can tackle the shops with ease and confidence and will have taken your first step towards creating a wardrobe you love in all your perfect colours!

6J1A8022 2.jpg

This session includes:

  • An explanation of the process of colour analysis, how it works and the history behind colour itself.

  • A colour analysis using colour drapes and using the 'true' system of colour. According to this system you can only ever be one season (there are 4 seasons) and that season is based on skin colour

  • An explanation of how certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others

  • Finding out the colours that suit you best and how to identify them

  • Finding out which colours you should avoid

  • Finding out your 'wow' colours taking your hair and eye colour into consideration

  • Finding out the combinations of colours to make your wardrobe more stylish and versatile

Optional Extra: A personalised colour wallet in your season with "wow" colours indicated for a £20 additional charge

I also offer colour consultations for groups - it's fun, informal and a great thing to do with your friends or even work colleagues. These can be coffee mornings, a lunch or even an evening with a glass of wine! (Minimum of 3)


All colour consultations take place in Style Signature Boutique, based in Epsom, Surrey.

£85 - 1 hour approx
£80 for groups 

This session includes:

  • An in depth body shape analysis session that will teach you what body shape you actually are and how to dress correctly for your size and shape. 

  • I will let you know the right shape and style dresses, skirts, trousers and jeans to wear, including which style jackets and blazers will suit you. 

What Body Shape am I.PNG
£55 - 45 minutes

I had a Colour Analysis with Marsha and she was fantastic. Her professionalism and knowledge on colour is superb. It’s a real eye opener when you find out what season you are and the palette of colours which suit you. I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to Style Signature.

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