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I will help you to build your dream wardrobe, making getting dressed in the morning exciting again.

Have you lost confidence in your current wardrobe? Is your wardrobe full to bursting but you have nothing to wear? Or do you just need some help in clearing out the old to make way for the new?

If this sounds familiar, I'm here to help you transform your wardrobe into a space that is functional rather than dysfunctional.  

​A wardrobe edit is the first step in finding your style signature.  It will give you the confidence and knowledge to know what suits you and to help you build your dream wardrobe.


This session includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire

  • A 15 min Zoom call to go through your questionnaire and get you started on your style journey

  • A colour analysis (this will be a shorter & quicker version of my full colour consultation) to give you an idea of what colours suit you

  • Realistic and honest advice on how to dress for your body shape

  • New outfit inspiration from your current wardrobe taking into account your lifestyle requirements - photo's will be taken for future reference

  • A discussion on style so you have a better idea on what your style will look like going forward

  • Expert style advice throughout the session

  • A budget friendly shopping list of any key items identified as missing from your wardrobe - I can accompany you on a shopping trip if required

  • A follow up email with all information discussed in the session for your future reference, together with photo's of the outfits put together during the edit.

  • Includes 30 mins each way travel time

£320 - 3 hours

I really feel inspired and more confident after your wardrobe edit. For the cost of a few items of clothing I have a number of whole outfits that I wouldn’t have worn before.  Instead of a a bulging wardrobe where I still can’t find anything suitable to wear I now can open my wardrobe a pull out a couple of choices of outfit for whatever the occasion and that suit me. I feel I can now go shopping with confidence and knowledge on what suits me.  Would highly recommend your service.

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